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We plan to use this blog to share our information with parents who are unable to attend the workshop. Those who attended can use this as a convenient tool to communicate with other parents or educational professionals by posting comments.

Our blog will include titles of books and activities that can promote literacy within the home. We will provide a list of resources that will include anything from ideas to places to visit that may help contribute to a child's literacy growth. Feel free to ask questions and get answers through our blog.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ten Little Lady Bugs by Melanie Gerth

Age Group: Infants & toddlers

Ten Little Lady Bugs introduces concepts of literacy and math in a fun and engaging way. This book is great for reading with your child because it supports contribution from both the parent and child. By encouraging your child to touch and feel the 3-D ladybugs, you can begin to show them how they are able to contribute (through backwards counting) and to reading and understanding book handling.

You can also read Five Little Ladybugs, or Five Silly Monkeys and Five Wishing Stars. These are books also written by the same author, that incorporate the same ideas as Ten Little Ladybugs, but focus on the numbers 1-5.

Finger Play

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  1. After creating this activity, had another idea! To help children get involved and interested in reading, you can create a finger play to go along with the reading. This is easy and cheap! You can use gloves, colored felt (maybe red, black, green, yellow, orange) velcro and glue to create little ladybugs that can go on and off the gloves. I created a similar finger play with black gloves, green felt for leaves, and I found little ladybug buttons to glue on to the leaves.