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We plan to use this blog to share our information with parents who are unable to attend the workshop. Those who attended can use this as a convenient tool to communicate with other parents or educational professionals by posting comments.

Our blog will include titles of books and activities that can promote literacy within the home. We will provide a list of resources that will include anything from ideas to places to visit that may help contribute to a child's literacy growth. Feel free to ask questions and get answers through our blog.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Age group: toddler/preschool/prek/k

Children can learn about literacy through looking through magazines and noticing the different letters and pictures that they see. Young children can be aided by an adult so they can cut the paper. Older children can practice letter's by finding a picture they like and finding the first letter for word. For example, if your child loves dogs they could find pictures of dogs and cut those out. Then they could cut out a "D".

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