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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fingerplay and Songs

Age group: Toddler/Preschool/Kindergarten

Children love singing songs and poems. Think of using songs and poems as introducing children to language. Language exposure is important for young children. Capitalize on your child's interests and use songs about things they like.

Pictured above is a storyboard that depicts the song-like poem "Five Little Pumpkins".

You can take the pumpkins on and off of the storyboard as they are attached with velcro. An alternative idea to the storyboard for the poem "Five Little Pumpkins" easily used at home is to use your hand.

Lyrics for "Five Little Pumpkins"

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
The first one said, “Oh my, it’s getting late.”
The second one said, “There are witches in the air.”
The third one said, “But we don’t care.”
The fourth one said, “Let’s have some fun.”
The fifth one said, “Let’s run, run, run.”
Whoooo went the wind and out went the light.
And the five little pumpkins rolled right out of sight.

Cryer, D., Harms, T., & Bourland, B. (1987). Active learning for ones. Menlo Park, Calif.: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.

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